Our story:

testaviation was established in 2019 as a subsidiary platform of the well-known aviation resource, aviationfile. We are an innovative online platform specifically developed to empower those who are interested in pursuing a career in aviation, with a particular focus on aspiring Air Traffic Controllers (ATCs) and Pilots. We provide individuals with the necessary resources to thrive in applicant selection assessments. Our extensive collection of practice questions for examinations such as FEAST and DLR will assist you in honing the essential abilities evaluated in these important assessments.

Our purpose:

Our primary objective is to guarantee that you adequately prepare for these tests by providing you with more than thousand unique questions that align with the question patterns you may face in the exams. Additionally, we provide supplementary papers that we believe will be beneficial to you.

How do we spin the wheel:

You need to be our patreon to use the platform. We just have one type of patreon level: “Patreon – $14.99/month“.

  • You can stop being our supporter at any time via our patreon page.
  • In order for us to verify your membership, your e-mail address in the registration form must be the same as the e-mail address you entered for Patreon.
  • After completing the registration process, your membership is in pending status. Your membership and Patreon status will be checked within 24 hours at the latest and your membership will be activated.
  • For any questions, please contact us via “Contact” section.

  • We believe in equal opportunities, for this reason we ask for affordable donation amounts from people who want to use our platform.
  • We declare that, we will donate 15% of our monthly donation amount to charities every 3 months. We will also share our donation documents on testaviation platform.
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