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  • The sample test was prepared solely for the purpose of introducing question types.
  • There are 18 different question types and we are constantly working on new types. Each type contains questions of varying difficulty levels and in different formats to test that question type.
  • There are nearly 2000 unique questions about test types and dozens of quizzes for each test type in testaviation platform.
  • testaviation platform can run on mobile devices and tablets. However, for the best user experience, it is recommended to use it on computer.
  • Among the question types, there are questions in which you need to listen to the conversations. Your device must have a speaker.
  • Among the tests, there are also tests where you solve the problem against the clock.
  • It is recommended to solve some tests by pressing the full screen button on the top right.
  • At the end of each test you will see your score. And there will be correct answers to the questions you did wrong or left blank.
  • If you have any questions that you think are wrong or incorrect, please let us know via the contact section.
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sample test

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Category: Planning Ability

You must answer the question asked on the simulated radar screen image.

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Category: Abstract Reasoning

You need to find the relationship between the given shapes and guess which shape should come in the empty space.

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Category: Math Problems

You need to solve simple and basic math questions quickly in your mind

4 t-shirts cost $46, how many t-shirts can you buy with $92?

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Category: Short Term Memory - Numbers

You will hear a series of numbers. When the sound stops, you must write down as many numbers as you can remember from the end to the beginning.

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Category: Numerical Estimation

You need to quickly find the approximate result of a given mathematical operation.

13 / 5 + 40.5 = ?

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Category: Spot the Side

By taking the person in the shape as the center, you need to know whether the desired shape is on the right or left.

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Category: Coordinate System

You must answer the question asked in the simulated coordinate system.

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Category: Math: Dice Arithmetic Test

This test aims to solve dice arithmetic questions by including four basic operation questions related to the numbers on the surface of a standard dice.

In a standard dice, the sum of the numbers on the front and back always equals seven (7).

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Category: Short Term Memory - Visual

Keep in mind the positions of the aircraft displayed on the screen for a certain period of time. You then need to answer the requested question.

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Category: Big Num. Comp.

You must hear and find the number correctly in the voice-transmitted conversation.

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Category: Square Rotation

You need to find the image of the frame given in the figure at the end of the desired rotation.

square rotation sample test

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Category: Basic physics, Aviation physics

It measures the fundamentals of physics and basic knowledge of aviation physics.

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Category: Cube Folding

You need to know the closed version of the Cube shape given its open position.

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Category: Directional Awareness

You need to find the direction the aircraft is pointing by taking into account the direction(s) marked on the given wind rose.

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Category: Heading Conflicts

In the given image, you need to write the two aircraft that are most likely to collide.
(Example: 18 26, 18-26...)

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Category: Cube Rotation

The audio first tells you the initial position of the marked point on the cube. Then, when you rotate the cube with commands, you need to find the last position of the marked surface.

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Category: Spatial Orientation

Taking into account the direction in which the arrow goes, you need to find the number of right or left turns.

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Category: Number Series

You need to find the relationship within the series of numbers and calculate what should come in the empty space.

5-10-30-120-600- ?

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Category: Spatial Orientation

Taking into account the direction in which the arrow goes, you need to find the number of right or left turns.

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